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As used on various M-Series vehicles.  These go on the speedometer to let the driver know when to use caution or when the vehicle is operating at a dangerous speed.  The decal has application paper over it in the photo to help put it on the face of the speedometer.  It does NOT have the clear sticker that some of the others do, as I find this just adds glare or fogginess to the speedo and makes it hard to read.  

The decal is printed on 3M Waterproof Vinyl


"I recently purchased decals from ColdWar for my military vehicle restoration project, and I must say, I am thoroughly impressed! These decals have been a game-changer in bringing authenticity and historical accuracy to my restoration efforts."

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Ethan Parker
✅ Verified Buyer

Finding high-quality decals for your military restoration projects has proven time and time again to be a challenge for enthusiasts. 

At ColdWar Industries Decals, we strive to make affordable decals that are high quality and accurate for your restoration needs.  Elevate your build effortlessly with our waterproof, outdoor-rated 3M vinyl decals.  We can also make custom decals in most cases!  Let us know what you need.  We are always working on expanding our offerings.  We can also work with you on package pricing, international orders and specialty vehicles. 

Dave has been in the MVPA and part of the hobby since the 90s and has restored several National First Place winning vehicles, including Master Class and the Military Vehicle Magazine Hall of Fame.  



✅ HISTORICAL ACCURACY: Accurately represents various instructional, caution and warning decals found on military vehicles from specific eras. This helps achieve an authentic and true-to-history appearance for any project.

✅ HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS: Using high-quality materials creates a long-lasting build. Elevate any restoration project with high-quality decals, adding a touch of refinement that boosts the overall look of the build.  We strictly use 3M waterproof vinyl that is designed for outdoor use so they will hold up on your vehicle.

✅ EASE OF APPLICATION: These decals are easy to apply, even for those who may not have experience with vehicle restoration.  All you have to do is peel and stick! 


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